What we Do ?

“Essential oils are one of nature’s best kept secrets.”   And K.S.Essential Oil Industries has an state of Art Infrastructure to extract this nature’s secret.

Process from Farming till Extraction.

  • Farming for Raw Material. ( Picture of Farming)

Based on the belief of providing the consistent and best quality of Natural Essential Oils, KSEOI  has been farming tropical grass like Lemon Grass, Citronella Grass, Palmarosa Grass and Basil Plant on a very large scale to meet the increasing demand of Natural Essential Oil in the International Market.  Due to which KSEOI has a remarkable control on the quality of the product flowing out from the distillation unit.

  • Sourcing the Wild Crops ( Picture of Nagarmotha , Kapoor kachri Herbs)


“Essential Oils are no less than a Treasure, and Treasure is never found in open”. For manufacturing the best quality Natural essential Oils KSEOI has been sourcing the raw material from the inner most parts of India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.


3)  State of Art Distillation Unit

K.S.Essential Oil Distillers

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