Sugandh Mantri Oil

Homalomena Aromatica commonly known as Sugandhmantri. is a rhizomatous perennial herb found in Assam and Chittagong hill of Bangladesh. The yield of the oil in the roots of Homaiomena Arumatica turns out to be around  66% on dry weightbasis.

Sugandh Mantri oil is commonly known as Gandhi roots, fragrant swamp mallow, Pavonia or Fragrant Pavonia. Its scientific name is Homalomena aromatica which is native of India. The erect perennial herb of Sugandh Mantri belongs to the family of Malvaceae. The herb has heart shaped leaves and bears spherical fruits. Plant of Sugandh Mantri is mostly found in swamps of India and is highly used for various purposes. Oil of Sugandh Mantri is extracted by means of Steam distillation of dried roots.

sugandh Mantri1


Major Constituients :-  The main compounds are linalool (58.3%), terpinen-4-ol (16.7), a-terpineol (1.8). a-eadinol (1.7), spathulenol (1.5).


PRODUCT Sugandh Mantri Oil
BOTANICAL NAME Homalomena Aromatica
RANK Essential Oil


Organoleptic Properties
STATE Flowing Free Liquid
COLOR Yellowish Brown


Physio-Chemical Properties Min. Max.
Optical Rotation -98 -93
Refractive Index @ 20°C 1.462 1.488
Flash Point N/A
Density @ 20°C 0.915 0.952

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