Our Journey

During early 80’s, Two brothers Mr. Praveen Gupta and Mr. Ajai Gupta had the vision of making a major change in the rapidly growing perfumery industry in India. This led to the inception of “K.S.Sandal Oil Industries” in 1987. Since then,  a small distillery producing only Sandal Wood oil has now evolved as a giant producer of Natural Essential Oil serving its product all across the world to different market of Fine Fragrance and Flavors,  Cosmetics,  Pharmaceuticals and Aromatherapy Industry.

Soon began an era of modernization and development of the Company when the next generation, Ankit Gupta son of Mr. Ajai Gupta and Pranav Gupta son of Mr. Praveen Gupta, joined the company in 2008. Different New Machinery and New Labs were set up to keep a close watch on the quality of the product flowing out of the Industry.

Under the leadership of the new generation the company is improving its production capacity and is improving the production material quality every day.

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